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A lottery is a game that has been on the rise these days. Recently, a couple won RM94,000,000 from their Malaysian lottery online booking. They bought a 4D toto from an online lottery Malaysia and won the biggest jackpot ever.

History of Online Lottery Malaysia

Records of lottery games can be traced back to medieval times. It is believed that the lottery started when the Roman Emperor Augustus organized them to collect money to build Rome city. From there onwards, this game evolved and come out in many different forms depending on the country it is from.

In Malaysia however, the lottery can be considered quite new. While there is no clear history of when the lottery first came to Malaysia, Magnum 4D was believed to be the first lottery operator in Malaysia. The success of Magnum brought in a few more other lottery operators and games to Malaysia.

Types of Online Lottery On Jomcuci88

1. Da Ma Cai

Da Mai Cai is a type of number lottery that’s conducted every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7.00 pm. The draws are usually done in certain locations, the draws are conducted by the company officials together with auditors and public witnesses.

The draws for Da Ma Cai are very unique as it is conducted using eight transparent electromechanical machines that consist of numbers. 

There are horse drums, Number drums, and one bonus Drum. The horse drum contains the number of balls following the number of horses in the race. Each ball is marked with a number from 1 to 13.

2. Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D is a classic 4D game where players pick numbers for their lottery. How it is played is, that players will choose 4 of any 4 numbers and decide on the amount that they are going to bet for. 

There are categories such as big and small where players can place their bets at. 4d lottery can be bought online or in a shop.

The “small” bet will generate players with a larger winning amount whereas the “big” category does generate a good amount of winnings as well. 

Under the “small” bet, players will only win if their numbers appear in either the first, second, or third place. In the “big” bet, placings do not matter.

3. GD Lotto

The GD lotto, also known as the Grand Dragon lotto is a real-time 4 number (4d) game that’s originated in Cambodia. It is known to be a more classic version of the lotto where players can choose any number from 0000 up to 9999.

After that, choose the category and pay your money to enter the chosen category. There are different categories that you can choose from. 

The different categories, usually have different jackpot amounts that are available to win. So make your choice wisely. Real-time results will be announced online.

4. Sport Toto

Sports toto is another Malaysian-based lottery that’s very popular. Similar to Da Ma Cai and Magnum 4D, Sports Toto has 4D, 5D, and 6D as well but they do not have the “big” and “small” feature. The winning amounts are fixed.

The fixed first prize for 6D is RM100,000, for the 5D on the other hand, it is RM15,000. If any of the last 4, 3, or 2 digits of your 5D or the last 5, 4, 3, or 2 digits of your 6D match the first prize, you will still get a small winning amount.

5. Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is a wholly subsidiary of the Tote Board. It is the only legal lottery operator that’s allowed in Singapore. Under Singapore pools, there are two operations that players can find. One is the lotteries and another is the sports betting services.

Under the lottery category, they currently operate 3 different lottery games which are the TOTO, Singapore Sweep, and 4D. 

For 4D, players will pick 4 numbers for the lottery. Singapore sweep is a raffle-style lottery where it is drawn every first Wednesday of the month. TOTO follows a similar format to Malaysian Magnum and Sports Toto.

Advantages to Play Online Lottery Jomcuci88

a. Abundance of Malaysia Online Lottery Choices

As a player that prefers a certain game, of course, the main thing you would want player is for the online casino to have more choices when it comes to their favorite online casino games. This is because being spoilt for choices is the best way for you to thoroughly enjoy the game itself.

Other than that, when you have more choices, you will be more inclined to stick with the game cause who doesn’t like being spoilt with choices. 

Other than game choices, Jomcuci88 also provides its players with free play on some of their lottery games. This will definitely help players get an idea of the game they are playing.

b. Many Different Bonuses Offered

Other than games, another thing that sets Jomcuci88 aside from different online casinos is the bonus choices offered in this casino. Each promotion and bonus are carefully structured to follow the current season and trend.

They also have many different bonuses that players can redeem all at the same time. Starting from the welcome bonus, the match bonus, and the everyday. 

Players are given at least two different bonuses daily for 365 days. Their 365 days bonuses are very popular as players will get new bonuses every day for a year as long as they login into their account

c. Safe and Secure

One of the most important aspects that all online casino players would like in an online casino is safety and trust. Jomcuci88 has a legal online gambling license that players can check online. They also have a very good online casino reputation among online casino players.

As for your data, it should be the least of your worries as Jomcuci88 is known to update its encryption system software every 3 months once. 

This makes it extremely hard to almost impossible for players’ information to be shared online or hacked from an out party.

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

Buying lottery tickets online can be very easy if you know to correct way to do it. First, search for either “buy lottery online Malaysia”, “4d lottery ticket online malaysia,” or “buy lottery tickets online”. 

The search result should show you some of the best online lottery websites that you can choose from.

If you can’t make a decision on the site, you can head to Jomcuci88. Jomcuci88 consists of many online lottery games that you can choose from. You can also buy a lottery online from here.

They also have raffles where players can redeem a free lottery online. All the redeemed online lottery tickets can be used to bet on the jackpot.

How To Choose the Best lottery Online Casino in Malaysia?

  • Make sure that the online casino offers a big jackpot amount. Many online casinos offer small jackpots. So it is very important that you check the number of winnings offered. The winning amount will also affect the number of tickets you buy.
  • Check the lottery games online. See if the online casino offers the type of lottery games that you like. While it is important to focus on the winnings. The game itself must be of your choice first before you get to the winning part.
  • The last one is to make sure that the lottery online in Malaysia is valid. There are many illegal lottery ticket sellers out there, Buying from them will not be safe as they can cheat you off your winnings. So do your research before settling into one online casino.

Tips to play Malaysia Lottery Online on Jomcuci88

- Buy More Tickets

Buying more tickets is the most basic tip among veteran online lottery lovers. What else can help you win better than when you have multiple tickets. This equates to only the strongest players winning and surviving the game better.

As a lottery player, it is important that you buy more than one best online lottery ticket, this will help you get multiple entries into the game and will help keep you afloat in the game even if your other numbers fail in the game.

- Check the Jackpot Online

Before you decide to buy lottery tickets online or enter any online lottery, it is essential that you check the jackpot amount online. If you want to increase your odds and winning amount, make sure to check the jackpot amount before you decide on the games you choose to play.

Sometimes, a few jackpots payout in USD, or there are jackpots that wait it hits millions before players can buy lottery tickets online. Games like that increase your winning odds and will help you win big.

- Be patient & Active In The Same Time

With a game of lottery Malaysia online, it is important that you play regularly. Playing it regularly will make you more familiar with the type of game it is. This will also help you collect more points and keep up with the news of the particular game.

At the same time as being active, you must be patient as well. While we know that online lottery can be exciting and waiting for results can be painful. But it is important that you trust your instinct and your choice. Be patient and win big.


In short, the lottery is one of the games that you must definitely try out in your life. It is relatively inexpensive if done correctly and you have the chance to win really big if your luck is in the right place.

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