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When it comes to online gambling law, Malaysian law lies in a grey area as there are no specific laws to address the online gambling aspect.

According to section 6(1) of the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953, those who play games in any common gaming house are guilty of an offense and are punishable with a fine of up to RM5000 or a jail term of up to 6 months or both.

While these punishments are only applicable for landed casinos, online casinos have no restrictions or listed laws under the Common Gaming Houses Act that indicates that operating or playing in online casinos is illegal.

Personal Data Information

Your data is collected when you first register under our online casino site, Your personal data such as name, username, email, addresses, and any other personal data collected will be stored privately. 

For users that sign up on any of our sites, sub-domains, and other interlinks, we store all the details provided by our users.

Users are able to see, change and/or delete their personal information or account at any given time. The username however cannot be changed at any given time, players will need to recreate a new account if they would like to have a new username as each username is connected to a private email.

The Rights You Have Over Your Data

When you have an account under us, you will be able to leave us comments, request external help, request additional details, and leave comments for us. You will also be able to receive a file of data that we have on you. 

To get this information, however, users will need to fill up forms and get through an identification confirmation interview before being able to get their file.

You may also request for us to delete your information for you. After identity verification is done, users may request for personal data change, credit card update, or information change. 

The same email and address must be used when signing up for this site and for your cards.

Non-personal Data

When users or visitors leave comments or send us any emails, relevant data is collected. All comments from the comment forms will be published if necessary. The user’s IP address and internet string will be checked to detect any possible spam issues.

Cookies Information

Whenever users leave a comment on our site, you may opt-in to save your name, email address, or other information in our cookie. All these details are there for your convenience on your next visit to our site to leave a comment or email.

This cookie will last on our site for a year. Another temporary cookie will be set to determine if your browser accepts the cookies set for this site. It is important for users to agree to the cookie settings on this site before continuing to use it.

Click on the browser setting and disable the cookie settings if you would not like to set site cookies whenever you visit our sites. Please be noted that the cookies activated will not store any personal data, it will, however, store information such as site visits, history, and tabs opened on the related site.

When logged in, it set cookies on our site will save your login details for up to two days. Your screen displays, game histories, and tab recollections. While login cookies will for two days, scree display, game history, and tab recollections information will last for a year.

When you login into your account and click on the “Remember me” option, your login credentials will be saved under cookies for two weeks. After two weeks, players would need to manually login into their account again.

Articles from this site may contain embedded contents from different sites such as videos, images, related articles, links and etc. 

The cookies for these will function the same way, it is considered that these contents are under our site. If you are directed to another site, the cookie will follow the particular site you are directed to.

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