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Jomcuci88 Fun Terms Of Used

To use any Jomcuci88 domains, sub-domains, links, social media accounts, software, games, or any other official software operating under Jomcuci88, you will need to have to accept and understand all the terms and conditions tied to it.

As a player of Jomcuci88, the terms and conditions tied to this page needs to be read, approved, and understood before you complete your account registration or make a deposit. 

Jomcuci88 has the power to edit, modify and/or suspend any part tied to the terms and conditions listed on the site.

As a player, it is your responsibility to read, accept and understand the regulations that governing to the use of Jomcuci88. 

These regulations include but are not limited to the general terms, rules of the services, rules of the games, and the privacy policy.

Cash deposit & Withdrawals

Players can choose their preferred currency when they play games under If a preferred currency is not chosen, the currency will follow the country you are from. 

We accept most currencies under Jomcuci88, so just drop down the currency tab and choose your preferred currency.

To be able to make a deposit, you must choose a payment method from the listed ones on the site. Put in relevant information needed and make a deposit of the minimum amount needed.

It is important that players read and understand the wager requirements for each game they are playing. To put it another way, players will have to reach the turnover amount of their deposit at least once to be eligible for a withdrawal.

According to the withdrawal method chosen, a small withdrawal fee may incur when you withdraw your money. This can be avoided if players chose a withdrawal method that consists of no fee when they make a withdrawal.

Casino Promotions

All bonuses and promotions under Jomcuci88 are limited to a single player with a valid IP address, bank account, ID, password, and email address. 

Jomcuci88 reserves all the rights to terminate, suspend, and/or edit the promotional offers given to players without prior notice.

Only players with a viable and verified account under Jomcuci88 with at least one deposit can claim all the bonuses offered on this site. 

The no deposit welcome bonuses, however, can be claimed by players that have registered on the site but no deposit is needed to claim the bonus.

It is the player’s responsibility to read, understand and agree to specific and all the terms and conditions that are listed on this site pertaining to bonuses and promotions before claiming and using any bonuses and promotions.

Actions will be taken against players that try to ignore or swindle their way through claiming more bonuses than usual. All bonuses can only be claimed once unless its stated otherwise.


Please understand that Jomcuci88 will not be responsible for any losses, expenses, damages, and costs, be it intentionally or unintentionally. All activities that are done on this site, system, social media, and products must be borne by players.

It is the player’s responsibility to determine and decide the risk of participating in the games listed on this site. Jomcuci88 is not responsible for any inaccuracy in the information listed on our site, social media, or any domains linked to us.

Players must not hold Jomcuci88, our management, staff, associates, and partners responsible for any damages, losses, or any other liabilities that occur directly or indirectly from our products or sites.

Account Security

Jomcuci88 performs all our acts under relevant rules and regulations of the data privacy law. We will not share any of your personal data with any unauthorized third-party, service provider, or site.

Our site uses high-security encryptions to secure all the private data received from our players and members. Jomcuci88 holds the right to provide relevant information to authorized and relevant third-party that will improve or add to players’ gambling experience or game.

Jomcuci88 reserves full power to select and choose not to provide services to any and all individuals that are judiciously suspected of having bad intentions towards our products, games, services, players, and staff. 

This also pertains to all previous members that have a record of scamming Jomcuci88 or any other casinos in this industry.

The Services

We offer online casino games as well as betting and gambling opportunities. We also provide information regarding gambling as our key “service”. On our website, money is only accepted for wagers and bets and not for accessing our services or playing games.

Member Password and Security

Once you finish the registration procedure at the website, you will get a password. Only you are responsible for keeping your password secure. 

All activities performed by your account are your responsibility. is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting you’re your non-compliance.

Terms for Cash Deposit and Withdrawal

You are accountable for all the activities performed by your account. Also, you are responsible to log out or exit from your casino account after each session of use. For funds transfer, you can only use your own account that you registered while signing up.

Deposit and withdrawal take place in Malaysian currency i.e. Ringgit. Only you can deposit money into your account. If we doubt that you are using someone else’s account to add cash into your account, we will ask for proof before processing your requests.

If we see any suspicious activity, we have the right to suspend your account. We will also reserve your win money or any other cash in your account. 

It will happen if we know that the cash is being used for the benefit of someone else. However, the primary deposited money will be reimbursed.

Insolvency Protection

You are required to add money into your account to begin using our services. Deposited money can be used to place wagers. Once your cash is processed and cleared, you will get the cash in your account.

The name of your casino account and payment card should be the same that you use for payment. Only a personal account can be used for depositing money and a business account is not acceptable.

It is also not permissible to move funds from one account to another. You cannot sell your account. It is not allowed to use illicit means to deposit money into your account. 

Also, you cannot use your Jomcuci88 account as your bank account. It is only used for placing bets.

Accepting The Agreement

Using our services and website means you agree to the terms of use described in this document. In case you don’t agree to our terms of use, you should immediately stop using the website.

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